03 August, 2009

About Me

Hello everybody, This is Mr. Chou Chantha, I was born in Kampong Cham province. Nowadays, I am Webmaster at Open Forum of Cambodia Organization with Krtrial Web Portal Project. I have been working here more than a year.

I worked at American Red Cross, International University, OS Cambodia Co., Ltd and Khmerweb Co., Ltd. Now, I could do website and coding with PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Flash, HTML, CSS, Font Unicode, Embed Font.

I could design banner, leaflet, book…etc with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator program.

I have experienced more than 3 years more with websites developing and coding. I like to design website and writing code to build website. So, I create the blog for sharing information & my knowledge with all of you.

I got marriage and have one lovely daughter.

Please kindly to contact to me.

Thank you in an advance.

Kind regard,
Mr. Chou Chantha
Email: chantha_reksmy@yahoo.com
Yahoo ID: chantha_reksmy

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