14 October, 2009

2 anglers electrocuted to death in Sen Sok

Two men in two separated incidence were electrocuted to death over the weekend while attempting to take advantage of the fish-heavy floodwater of Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district, a police official said yesterday.

A garment factory worker, 27-year-old Yan Sarath, dies Friday after accidentally stepping on electrified fishing equipment he had been using in a pond near his Phnom Penh Thmei commune home, according to district police officer Chao Svann. He added that on Sunday, 40-year-old motorcycle taxi driver Chhay Porn dies under nearly identical circumstances.

“Recently the strong flood have caused the water to...
rise and the fish to increase, leading more people to fish suing electricity” said Mr Sovann. “Some case always occurs with people electrifying themselves, this one happened to occur her.”

Though illegal and risky, the practice of fishing with electricity remains poplar in Cambodia. Fisheries Administration Director Nao Thuok said he was unsure how many people dies from fishing with electrify but that he was aware of the problem and had been working on tallying the data. (Sited from Cambodia Daily)


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