07 October, 2009

ACODO is under water and call for help

ACODO is facing a big problem because of the flood and calling for help. There is no charity show and no visitor in ACODO orphanage since there was a heavy rain and caused a flood at midnight on Monday, 29 September, 2009. The children cannot live longer without the fundraising show as they depend wholly on the donations of the visitors through the fundraising show participated by the children in the evening...

(Updated on 05 Oct 2009) The depth of water is a bit low today. It seems it will be down soon. It is one week now since the flood happened and we live without donations through the charity show participated by the children at the orphanage.The orphanage is still under water and Took Took or van cannot travel along the way to Tonlesap lake across the orphanage. There is still no performance and no visitor.

The number of the people who would like to make donations have been increased until 6 people now, but we haven't received any donation yet. All the names of the generous people who make donations to improve this siuation will be writen on ACODO website as soon as we receive the donations.

Please make your donations today to help the children who are badly in need of help now. Your donations even the small amount are going to be used to solve the above problems . They cannot live without your donations at the moment. We are looking forward to receiving your generous donations.


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