23 October, 2009

Police on alert a head of S Korean president’s visit

Police officials have heightened security in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for today’s arrival of South Korean President Lee Myung-back, authorities said. The South Korean delegation arrives at 10 am and will leave on Friday.

Cambodia military police officials cooperation with the South Korean president’s bodyguard for a week to coordination and ensure safety, said Pong Savrith, Phnom Penh deputy military police chief. Military policemen will be stationed at all major intersections throughout the capital during the South Korean president’s two day visit...

Ou Em, penal police chief in Siem Reap province, said police would also be present at every major intersection when the president visits the city on Friday to see Angkor Wat and other temples in the complex.

Ministry fo Foreign Affairs spokesman Kuy Kuong said the Korean delegation did not confirm how many people would be accompanying the president during the visit. (sourced by Cambodia Daily news)


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