13 November, 2009

Making a stand

The controversial Miss Landmine pageant, banned by the government earlier this year, is to proceed Saturday in Norway. Photos of the 20 contestants, all...

Cambodian land mine victims, including Miss Battambang Dos Sopheap (above), will be carried down the catwalk at South Norway Museum of Arts, founder Morten Traavik said. The plan to hold the pageant in Cambodia was scuppered when the Ministry of Social Affairs issued a decree saying it would damage the “dignity and rights of the disabled”.(Source Phnom Penh Post Site)


Mark Roy said...

Hi - if you are going to copy other people's work and paste it to your "news site" you should at least do them the courtesy of providing their byline and a link to the original article.

Mark Roy,
Editor, Lifestyle
The Phnom Penh Post

ecambodia said...

hi- thank you so much for your comments I will do as you said.

Mark Roy said...

Thank you for the link.

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