07 December, 2009

The Skyway at "Kbal Thnal" to be started to concrete in the Mid-December 2009

The Skyway at "Kbal Thnal" in construction will started to concreted in the Mid-December 2009, the last of this year after the 7 supporting columns have been already built.

This is the source from Mr. Chiev Kang, the interpreter of Chinese supervisor of the work site has told to Kampuchea Thmey Daily in the morning of 3rd December 2009.

He added that the supervisors of the construction are Chinese and the other s are Vietnamese and Cambodia. This skyway has a distance of 300m and a width 0f 12m, it will be completly finished in the early May 2010...

Mr. Chive Kang continueed that the construction of the skyway on the land like this, so easier to construct than in the water, it is difficult everyday in the morning and in the eveining when the traffic is busy, so the work site beginss only at night.

This skyway has 7 supporting columns the main column are 6.20m and the side column are 4.60m height. The start of concrete will begin from the northern, in front of the byon clinic to the front of the police commissioner gerneral, and the southern from the roundabout "Kbal Thnal".

The traffic problem happens when the work site begins. (Sourced from Kampuchea Thmey Daily)


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