14 September, 2011

Cambodian: A Children Suckle Milk From The Cow Directly

The child was named Tha Sophat has made ​​headlines after revealing that his grandfather that he was fed directly from the cow, since July, when a storm destroyed his home and his parents moved to Thailand to search for work.

He said seriously Aum Ewing-old (46 years) that after the child stops breast-feeding mother’s disease. Ewing added that the child continued small calf suckling from the breast of his mother and began to imitate him and fed directly from the breast cow per day. The grandfather, told Reuters he keeps him away when he tried to leave cried for this finish.

The neighbors and local officials in the village of Siem Ream Vyas area, about 315 kilometers from the capital Phnom Penh, they were dissatisfied with the child from breast feeding cow.

Ewing said “blame me and asked me not to let him breastfeed from the breast cow after that. They say that the child will feel shame when they grow up and it would be bad behavior.” Since Saturday, the Palace of breastfeeding once a day.

He said seriously, “good health is strong and does not suffer from diarrhea

Please watch video clip for more detail.



ecambodia said...

Please read and watch this video clip and share your idea about this.

Mr said...

good milk

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

whatever the reason,
very sad, an animal's milk is more valuable than a mother's milk,

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