11 November, 2012

Auto re-direct after payment with Google Chekcout?

Hello, everybody I am a new baby of development related with Pay Pay and Google Checkout payment. I am implement with Google Checkout and got a problem that don't solve yet now.

Current now, it could work with Google Checkout that it could pay money with Credit Card that we create it. But at last it provide "Thanks you page" to us that provide link to allow user click to be back to our website. My idea, I don't want to do like, I would like to be auto re-direct to our website after payment process finished.

I would like to have a code that could trigger back to website after payment process ready with Google Checkout. I try to research on some document and other forums but it is not successfully yet. But some forums and documents said that Google Checkout don't provide auto re-direct back to our website after payment ready such as PayPal processing.

Does anybody used to implement like that? Does Google Checkout provide auto re-direct to our website? Please share any ideas if you have.


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