08 November, 2012

How PayPal withdraw cash from Credit card with Sandbox

PayPal has provided method that allow user to pay cash with credit card in Sandbox testing site or live when users want to buy something online.

I have an implement on it with testing site first and it successes for me with using PayPal API that It could charge money from buyer credit card and transfer to my account in PayPal account, but I have a problem that I don’t see PayPal withdraw cash from credit card of buyer account that I took it to buy item in online.

I try to search with it and some document or forum said that on Sandbox Testing site don’t allow to withdraw cash from credit, but some it will take 5 to 7 day to withdraw or transfer money from bank to PayPal account. Has anybody got problem like that? Does has any methods to solve it? How many day will PayPal withdraw cash from our credit card?

Please share any idea that you know related to it.


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